Employee Background Verification Services
Fake details in resume
Fake details in resume

Employee Background Screening

Ensuring a Better Quality of Employee
Employers are at great risk from their greatest assets – employees! A disturbingly large number of job applicants resort to lying or misrepresenting information on their résumés. When the job market is tight, the rate of fraud increases manifold.

How Background Screening Scores
Background screening is vital for employers to protect their businesses from legal hassles arising out of negligent hiring. It minimizes the cost of replacement hiring, which can be as much as five times the salary of the post to be filled.

Background screening gives businesses a better quality of employee; the unprincipled ones stay away. Applicants with a history of undesirable conduct or drug abuse can be quickly identified and weeded out, creating a safe and productive workplace for employees.

Our Checks and verification services:

Education/Degree Verification
vFacts verifies candidate's education qualifications and degree details.

Employment Record Verification
vFacts checks candidate's previous employment details.

Professional Reference Checks
Verification checks are made regarding candidate's personal integrity and professional references

Address Verification
Physical visits are made to confirm current, permanent and previous residential addresses.

Criminal Record Search
vFacts verifies for criminal records of candidates at local police stations.

Drug Abuse Testing
vFacts delivers a full range of effective drug screening solutions using renowned pathology labs.

Database Checks
vFacts checks Indian and global databases to verify if candidates are connected to organized crime or present legal, reputation and compliance risks.

Passport Verification
vFacts carries out passport verification to confirm passport holder's identity.