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Tenant Verification Services
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Tenant Verification - Why?

Tenant verification ensures a landlord that their tenants are capable of paying rent on time and they are not criminals or troublesome. Tenant Verification plays important and vital role in finding the best tenants for your rental property. Successful Landlords know that tenant verification is the most important task when letting property. Tenant Verification can be either done by landlord himself or he can hire a professional service provider. Today renting a property is one of the important sources of income for landlords and tenant verification ensures that the aspiring tenants are not criminals or troublesome for which the landlord would be answerable for.

Tips for Tenant Verification
Tenant verification plays vital role in finding the best tenants for your rental property. You can eliminate about 90 percent of your tenant problems by Tenant Verification. Following tips help you to know important things you need to consider in tenant verification process.

Credit check:
Check credit references to determine each applicant’s credit history. If you do not have anybody to conduct credit screening for your tenant, or for some reasons it is impossible to do it yourself, you can opt for private agency.

Police verification:
Nowadays it is mandatory for landlords to get police verification. You need to duly fill police verification form with particulars of tenant whom you let out your premises. Police uses information provided by you to verify background of your tenant and this helps you to ensure that the aspiring tenants are not criminals or troublesome.

Previous landlord:
You can ask for character references or contact details of previous landlord to know more about your prospective tenants. This helps you to ensure that your prospective tenants will keep your premises and property clean. They don’t undertake any destructive actions in your property which may end in damaging your property.

Address Verification
Physical visits are made to confirm current, permanent and previous residential addresses.

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